Workshop Program – June 18 – 25, 2017

Daily Coaching By The Amadeus Quartet

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During the workshop, quartet participants will receive six 2.5 hour coaching sessions by members of the Amadeus Quartet.  The workshop begins with a get acquainted dinner on Sunday night at the Dunkeld House Hotel.  Coaching sessions are held from 9:30 – 12:00 noon on Monday – Saturday mornings. String Quartet participants will come prepared to study the signature quartet of the week – Mendelssohn’s beautiful Quartet in E minor, Opus 44, no.1.  Piano trio participants will come prepared to play Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio in D minor, no 1.

Coaching sessions will include musical and technical suggestions, along with an overview of the history and context of these pieces.  We will learn about how Mendelssohn was inspired by his travels to this particular part of Scotland.  In addition, we will learn about how these works fit within the span of his compositions, as well as about Mendelssohn’s  artistic contributions to the Romantic period of classical music.  

The quartet offers a relaxed and enjoyable approach to the sessions.   Workshop participants include amateur and professional adult musicians who range in age and ability, on strings and piano (violin, viola, cello, piano).  All participants share a love for chamber music and the desire have an enthralling experience playing and learning in a low key atmosphere.  

There will be an optional Participants Recital for all workshop participants at 2:00 pm on the final Saturday afternoon of the workshop.   Quartet and Trio members vote privately on whether to perform as a group.  If the vote to perform is not unanimous, the group will not perform.

Participants in coached groups are carefully matched by level, experience, and compatibility. Participants are expected to practice their parts thoroughly and to study scores in advance of attending.

 In addition to the core string quartet and piano trio repertoire, participants have the opportunity for unstructured, free play in the afternoons with their colleagues.  


Concerts by the Amadeus Quartet

The Amadeus Quartet will be performing a public concert during the workshop, on Thursday evening June 22, 2017.  The concert will be held at the Birnam Arts Centre.  The concert will include the Mendelssohn quartet Opus 44, #1, Haydn Quartet Opus 76, #4, and Brahms Quartet #2 in A minor.


Free Time Activities

Afternoons are free for informal reading of chamber music, walks on a woodland path along the beautiful River Tay which flows right in front of the hotel, or visits to the many historical castles and natural landscapes in this beautiful area of the Scottish Highlands.   Fishing, boating, bike riding, and jogging are all offered on the river and walking path which leads to the town of Dunkeld and to the countryside beyond. Of course, sitting on the beautiful patio and having a glass of local whisky is also a relaxing way to spend part of the afternoon!  There is a health club and indoor heated swimming pool at the hotel.   Archery, bicycling, 4 track vehicle touring, and clay pigeon shooting are also a short walk away.



Located only a few miles from Dunkeld, Blair Castle is nestled in the dramatic landscape of Highland Perthshire and has been home to 19 generations of Stewarts and Murrays of Atholl. Unique amongst Scottish castles, the Blair Castle has hosted monarchs from Mary Queen of Scots to Queen Victoria and was witness to the Civil War and from the Jacobite cause to the disaster of Culloden following Bonnie Prince Charlie’s own stay in the castle. You’ll hear how the lucky inheritance of a smuggler-infested island helped turn the castle into a comfortable home and how a visit from Queen Victoria led to the creation of Europe’s only surviving private army, the Atholl Highlanders. For more information, please see the following link:

Atholl Estates: Blair Castle »



Located just outside of Dunkeld, The Hermitage is  a folly built by the Dukes of Atholl in the early 18th century. It overlooks the falls of Braan which the young Felix Mendelssohn visited and sketched. Indeed, The Hermitage was visited by many travelers around this time, including Dorothy and William Wordsworth, Queen Victoria and Turner. For more information please see the following link:

The National Trust for Scotland: Hermitage »



With a rich and influential history that stretches back over 800 years, Perth has served as its country’s capital and has always been one of the most important political, judicial and commercial centres in Scotland.

Situated just south of Dunkeld,Perth was made a city again by the Queen as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012. Today, Perth is a bustling city of around 50,000 inhabitants. It offers a range of entertainment, shops, cafés and restaurants and is recognized as one of Scotland’s premier culinary centres.



Scone Palace was the crowning place of Scottish kings where Macbeth, Robert the Bruce and Charles II were once crowned.

Scone breathes history like nowhere else in Scotland. It is the family home of the Earls of Mansfield and the ancient crowning place of Scottish kings on the stone of Scone. See where the Stone of Scone, known as the Stone of Destiny, once stood.